Typical 4 KW PV Solar System Installation

A typical 4Kwp PV system from MCS accredited PV Solar UK Ltd comprises of installing 22x Sharp 180 watt Monocrystaline modules ideally on a south facing roof (or as close as possible) with a pitch of 30-35 degrees.

Along with the panels themselves, there are other key components to a PV installation, such as an inverter, protection isolators, mounting system, specialised cabling and metering equipment. All of which have a purpose are a key part to play.

Our specialised ClickFit® mounting system can be adapted to fit almost any roof type. From standard concrete tiles, slate, rosemary, corrugated steel and even flat roofs. On a tiled roof install, the tiles are temporarily slid back and serrated hooks are placed over the underlying tile and behind the baton. From here, ClickFit®’s patented rails simply click into the now installed hooks and the modules are “hung” on top and secured down with clamps.

With the 22x modules securely installed to the roof, we start to work on the electrics. With all grid-tied PV systems, there are 2 sides to the electrical installations: A DC side and an AC. The system is now split in to 2 separate strings of 11x which are then connected together in series using the standard MC3® weather-proof connectors pre-installed on the back of each module.

The remaining cables from the 2 strings of 11x modules are then extended and fed into the attic/loft of the property via a small hole which will have to be drilled. This hole is fully sealed afterward to maintain a weather-proof roof.

The DC cable run from the roof is then fed into an Inverter via a lockable DC Isolator for protection. Each string is fed into its own independent MPPT tracker input on the Power-One® Aurora grid-tied inverter.

This dual MPPT technology from Power-One® is what separates it from its competition as it allows larger and split roof installations to achieve a higher yield of energy, meaning more income from the Feed in Tariff.

With the DC work now complete, the AC Output from the Inverter is then run through the property and wired into a new distribution board (which runs in parallel with the existing one) via another lockable isolator, designed for AC this time. A “Total Generation Meter” (TGM) is installed parallel to the electricity meter which measures the output of the PV generator from the Inverter and keeps a tally of the Kwh produced.

Finally, a circuit breaker is installed to protect the existing electrical setup of the property.

A final check of the system is then performed by the installation team to finalise the connections and ensure the relevant components are labelled with the correct safety information and grounded.

Once all checks have been completed and all aspects of the work deemed satisfactory, the isolators on the AC & DC sides are then switch to live and the system will be live.

If sufficient daylight is present at the time when the installation is completed, the system will start producing green electricity almost instantly.

Costs of a typical 4 KW PV solar system installation can vary, but at PV Solar UK LTD, we can offer you 3 ways of paying for a photovoltaic system installed on your roof. You can buy a 4 KW PV system from PV Solar UK LTD, you can finance your installation, or you can apply to have a FREE 4KW PV roof system fitted to the roof of your home – almost anywhere in the UK (Scotland, England & Wales).

At PV Solar UK LTD, we can assist you whichever option you decide is best for you.

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